BACnet Gateway

BACnet to M-Bus
BACnet to Modbus
Modbus to MBus


The Kara BACnet gateway integrates M-Bus meters and Modbus devices into BACnet infrastucture. It represents a BACnet Device and several BACnet objects. M-Bus meters are converted to BACnet Analog Inputs. Modbus Input discrete and Coils are converted to BACnet Binary inputs and outputs respectively and Modbus Input/Holding Registers and converted to BACnet Analog input and output objects. The gateway supports both BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet The connection to BACnet is done over Ethernet LAN BACnet/IP or BACnet/Ethernet. To connect the gateway to M-Bus you need a Level Convertor to convert the EIA-232( optional EIA-485) connection to M-Bus physical Bus. Gateway as well can converts M-Bus meters to Modbus Holding registeres


BAcnet Gateway

DIN-Rail Enclosure
Less than 5 Watts consumption

M-Bus Level Converters



MBus-LC-10 and Mbus-LC-60 converters are transparent converters from RS232 to Mbus interface. On MBus side they work as MBus master and enable to connect maximum 10 / 60 standard MBus receivers (slaves) respectivily. Mbus-LC-60 has an embedded MBus Slave input and can operate as MBus signal buster. They can be used with all devices equipped with MBus interface like: heating energy meters, electric energy meters, data recorders and many others with MBus interface.


BAcnet Gateway BAcnet Gateway